the scientific method & brief reflections on knowledge

I know and I don’t know,
I learn and unlearn,
I teach and get taught,
I forget and remember,
I summarize and synthesize,
I read and write and edit,
I do it over and over and over again,
I ‘science’ and I ‘communicate’,
I don’t know what I am doing until I do,
I know what I am doing until I don’t,
I know this is forever,
My mind is the only free being,
Quenching my curiosity.

Ecology for All

In the end, it is our collective decisions that impact the Earth, so shouldn’t it be our collective responsibility to inform ourselves?

Why Ecology?

Ecology is the science of life, existence and survival. This post will start introducing some basic ecological concepts and a few reasons why ecology is important.

Ecology for Me?

I have spent majority of my life living in mega-cities – New Delhi, Dubai, Bangalore, places that don’t sound very conducive to developing an interest in ecology.